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Chapter 4. Stuff everyone knows and forgets anyway

4.1. Embrace failure
4.2. Communities require care and feeding to get started ...
4.3. ... And communities need to be left to grow and evolve
4.4. Remember what you learned in Kindergarten
4.5. Take extra extra extra care to have all discussions in the open
4.5.1. Radically visible meetings at all times
4.5.2. No decision point is too small to pre-announce to a mailing list
4.5.3. How to let a mailing list run itself
4.6. Take even more care to do all design and decisions in the open
4.7. Use version control for your content as well as code - everyone watches the changes
4.8. Choose open tools that can be extended
4.8.1. Make sure everyone has an equal and clear method for access to write-commit to open tools
4.8.2. Tie this together with open content
4.9. Focus on healthy and open community interaction
4.9.1. Make governance as clear as possible
4.9.2. Use your lawyers well while avoiding too much legalese
4.9.3. Do not let poisonous people bog down the community
4.9.4. Communicators need to communicate - do not let liaisons go silent
4.9.5. Disable poisonous communication
4.10. Seek consensus - use voting as a last resort
4.11. Reassign your benevolent dictators while evolving toward a consensus-based democracy
4.12. Do not forget to release early and release often
4.12.1. Release early and release often is for more than just code
4.13. Evolve with the growth of your audience and contributors
Use this chapter to remind yourself and everyone else.

4.1. Embrace failure

Fail spectacularly, and don't forget to take notes.
There is a lot of crowd wisdom at work here. It's basic physics, too -- if you charge ahead and fall on your face, you at least made headway. Like feeling your way around in the dark, each touch, bump, and stub of the toe teaches you more about the environment.
When you drive your processes and technology to the brink of failure, repeatedly, you get very comfortable somewhere most people don't even want to go. You also get to set a new standard for what is comfortable for your community, giving you new room to expand even further.
Example needed