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4.12. Do not forget to release early and release often

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4.12.1. Release early and release often is for more than just code

Every idea deserves the light of day as early as possible.
A common mistake is to wait to release a document, process, marketing plan, etc. until it is "just right". People who otherwise fully understand how not to do this in code forget when it comes to other parts of a project.
Apply this rule:
  • If a piece of information is confidential, keep it private;
  • Otherwise, get it out in the public soonest ...
... using techniques such as these ...
  • Bounce the idea off the mailing list(s)
  • Make a wiki page
  • Add to another wiki page
  • File a ticket in a tracking system
  • Make a non-coding prototype
    • Wireform web page in a wysiwyg editor
    • Inkscape or GIMP mock-up/collage
    • Bar napkin and pen, scanned or photographed
Example needed