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Chapter 2. Communities of practice

2.1. Introduction
2.2. What is a Community of Practice?
2.3. Elements of the Community of Practice
2.4. Principles for Cultivating Communities of Practice
2.4.1. Design for evolution
2.4.2. Open a dialogue between inside and outside perspectives
2.4.3. Invite different levels of participation
2.4.4. Develop both public and private community spaces
2.4.5. Focus on value
2.4.6. Combine familiarity and excitement
2.4.7. Create a rhythm for the community
2.5. Learn more

2.1. Introduction

The idea that an organization is a constellation of "communities of practice" is a genuine breakthrough, and that overused word "breakthrough" is merited. It is an idea that had profound implications for what it takes to run a successful organization in our frenetic, chaotic times. In this book, Wenger lays the groundwork for the kind of thinking that will be necessary for any surviving organization in the 21st century. Wenger and the Institute for Research on Learning are defining the cutting edge. And they are right! Pay attention! Please!''
 --Tom Peters, about Etienne Wenger's book Communities of Practice