Metrics working group session at the GSoC Mentor Summit 2011

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Mediawiki example:

  • Heard from the new community manager for MediaWiki
  • They have no visibility in to trending
  • What is mailing list traffic doing?
  • "How do I know who to reach out? Prevent attrition?"
  • Like to see some kind of aggregate of how people are doing
    • Such as pulling data from bug tracker to find out where the hotspots of problems are.

Could this be a first action of the working group - emergency & trauma tracking?

Drupal Foundation

  • Focus on running hackathons

Pentaho being used for some metrics tools.

  • Under Mozilla & Meego
  • Meego's is released, but not a drop-in
    • Older versions, etc.
  • Mozilla is moving toward an integrated something
    • But no source is happening yet

People to contact about metrics-wg:

  • David Eaves
  • Pedro from Pentaho
  • Paul Adams, KDE

Look at both individual contributors and companies

Tie community metrics into "product" output

  • Code
  • Content
  • Evangelism

Goals - Why have a strong community? Can you tie it into your project goals, like:

  • Improved product
  • Happier people
  • More code

Improve the funnel of 90/9/1 lurkers/contributors/core community

  • An example of what little can be or has been done for tracking a diverse Linux distro userbase.

Participant types for the working group:

  • ACAD (Academia)
  • CORP (Corporations)
  • FOUN (Foundations)
  • FOSS (Free/open source software projects)
  • GOVT (Government)

Things to track/highlight: (in a dashboard?)

  • Hit-by-bus factor


  • How much do people care?
  • How do we inform people of how they are being measured?

Where next

  1. Looking at Meego metrics:
    • It's the only one out there with code we can try using right now
    • It's usable, if you mess with it
    • Graphs and statistics about commits, bugs, etc.
  2. Fill out
  3. Join
  4. Research sentiment analysis software
  5. Use
  6. See what academia is doing

What to work on NOW:

  1. Get your own instance of what Meego has done up and running.
  2. Start collecting data now, some of the data is not kept over time.
    • Especially for looking at lurkers
  3. Invite people to join the group


The mission of the group is to create methods for tracking community health.


Etherpad for group editing of notes

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