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The content that contained the link to Example needed could really use a good example for the principle under discussion.

Can you think of any?

Good examples are:

  • Brief - two or three paragraphs.
  • Focused - they illustrate the single principle. (If you have a longer example that illustrates several principles, it might belong in Great stories to tell instead.)
  • Anonymous - it's usually safer to make a story anonymous, especially if there is the potential for embarrassment or worse for the people or organizations involved. We're nice here, we don't play that way.
  • Illustrative - the principle under discussion should be the focus.
  • General interest - we want to get people to look beyond software and technology.
  • Heroic - if a person or organization has done something publically and already accepted the wider fame around it, then it is safe to use as an example and sometimes makes for a powerful one.
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