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These are the notes being used for a presentation on Using a Wiki for Collaborative Documentation TOSW.



  1. dial in to phone num. at 11:45
  2. Have demos, documents ready to go on machine I'm presenting on
    • gwibber and noisy stuff off
    • windows minimized save browser and emacs
    • Stand-alone browser ready with:
      • front page
      • sandbox page

timeline / outline

  •  :00 - :03 -- Introductions
  •  :03 - :05 -- Focus of talk, goals
  •  :05 - :10 -- Wiki collaboration methodology
    • generic & specific
    •  :10 - :25 -- Demonstration of methodology
    •  :25 - :35 -- Wrap-up

Focus of talk, goals

This talk presents a collaboration methodology that uses a wiki and a common set of practices grounded in the open source way. The goal of the collaboration is community documentation, which is content created by a community for its own purposes/needs.

For example, I was at OSBridge last week, and each session page has a wiki link. Audiences members are encouraged to use it for taking session notes, and multiple people can edit parts of the notes simultaneously. At certain conferences I've seen a very high degree of session note taking, so the conference is literally documenting itself as it proceeds. I can refer back to a discussion or decision that was reached in one of those sessions, using the realtime log/minutes created by the audience.

Wiki collaboration methodology

We are building on what Wikipedia teaches us. So, we point to their how-to and why information.

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