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Something plucked from the book as a thing to ponder, or compared to some current event (in or out of technology.)

Try to keep a backlog of 15 here for when there aren't any good current events or time to research.

Send at least one per day, Monday through Friday.

Delivered by @quaid, under the #TOSW hashtag, and forwarded to


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Communities of Practice lessons

  1. What makes a Community of Practice? People practicing in a specific domain, learning together #TOSW #CoP
  2. Let your community grow, breathe, and change - design for evolution #TOSW #CoP
  3. All communities have core #cliques, the key is to open them for dialogue #TOSW #CoP
  4. The way to find more experts is to invest in a process that continually creates more experts. #TOSW #CoP
  5. Legitimate peripheral participation is the apprenticeship of communities of practice. #TOSW #CoP
  6. Open communities have a special need for the occasional private conversation. #TOSW #CoP
  7. Encourage your community to express the value they get, for themselves & to show others. #TOSW #CoP
  8. If someone else's value in your community isn't your own, leave it be unless it's poisonous. #TOSW #CoP
  9. A community thrives on the familiar and the exciting. #TOSW #CoP
  10. Keep your community moving & interesting, but not so rocky that people get uncomfortable. #TOSW #CoP
  11. Whatever your community's practice, keep the rhythm like a dance. #TOSW #CoP
  12. A community of doers needs a pace that is neither too slow nor too fast. #TOSW #CoP


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