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This is the rhythm for communication, and starts at the beginning of March 2011 with a basic plan to accomplish one specific thing for each time period passage.



  • TOSW edit for queue


  • article


  • TOSWCast - Audio production (oggcast/podcast) focused on current events around the world as viewed through the lens of the open source way. Jan Wildeboer, Karsten Wade


  •  ???

Comms channels details

TOSW homily

Something plucked from the book as a thing to ponder, or compared to some current event (in or out of technology.)

Could use to build up 3 weeks worth (15 total) at TOSW daily homily, where past ones can be archived. Using short URLs are key here, so keep creating and building up the supply as referenced on

Homily is a codeword for now; it has a religious connotation that we may not want to carry forward.

For now, these can all start at (which auto-posts to, but we might want to have @opensourceway do them in the future? article

Karsten needs to drive this one, as it is somewhat time intensive and right up his proverbial alley.


  • Can we use Dan Lynch (THiL, Linux Outlaws, FaiFcast) to do post production for us?
  • Karsten and Jan, at the least. There have been some other (external?) interest in helping, who was that? Robyn? Amber?
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