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This is a stub page for content that needs to be created. Chapter scope idea: review Groklaw article, summarize points, make a few good quotes, and out to original in an admonition to read the original.

The following notes are a summary of how I got to the point of writing this article, so I can keep track of the story, attributions, etc. --Quaid 00:06, 17 June 2010 (UTC)

Rebecca Fernandez wrote this article:

... and in the comments Jason hibbets pointed out ...

... that PJ had picked up Rebecca's request for help in filling out the missing blanks in TOSW, and so we got ..

(Quoted opening below.)

I read all that (great stuff), glanced at the comments (wow, lots), wrote up an appeal to PJ to relicense, and along the way ... I read something that reminded me to read the other comments first and not start my own thread if it belongs under another. So I skimmed all the comments, leaving out all the side discussions about "Google {should,shouldn't}" and such, and did find one where PJ explained why she would NOT be using a different license than the NC/ND for Grokla works.

So I wrote this:

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