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Any contribution you make to is governed by this contribution policy. You accept this as part of the act of making a contribution. A contribution includes but is not restricted to code, documentation, other written content including wiki edits, design, translations, testing, and bug reporting.

In making this contribution, you are asserting that you have the right to make the contribution. For example, the contribution is entirely your own work and either (a) your employer or some other entity does not have rights in such work, or (b) such entity has authorized you to make the contribution on its behalf.

You irrevocably agree to release your contribution under the license that already governs the document you are editing or the source file you are patching. If the contribution is new non-software content, it needs to be under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (BY SA) 3.0 Unported license to be compatible with the rest of the content of the website and book. If the contribution is a new software source file, you can put it under whatever license you want, understanding that the project may accept or reject the license, or ask for a particular license in accepting the contribution.

Currently the project has code and content under these licenses:

As a contributor, you agree to be attributed for your work in a manner consistent with the infrastructure of the project, such as attribution in a commit log or wiki page history, and any attributions in derivative works.

Do you like this content and approach to contribution licensing?
We think this approach could be useful for other communities in similar situations, but we cannot provide legal advice. All of the content on this wiki including the contribution policy and copyright details are under the CC BY SA 3.0 Unported license that grants you permission to copy or adapt that content as you would any other content in this wiki.

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