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Community Charter

This working group provides a place for various organizations involved in Open Source consulting to collaborate on a framework of common intellectual property that benefits all consumers. For example, open source '101-level' training materials, community health metrics, etc. Much like organizations utilize common software components from the open source software world (and contribute back to them), we believe there is value to these organizations participating in creating non-differentiated intellectual property around how to consume, collaborate, and create in the open source world, while still being able to differentiate their own consulting services with unique offerings, tools, and industry domain expertise.

The ultimate goal is that, in addition to providing common training materials and metrics, this community will define standards and practices in governance models and other areas that help organizations identify and utilize open source more effectively in their enterprises. By cooperating on these common pieces, while providing custom value-added services utilizing this 'framework', the overall consulting market for open source should expand as potential consumers recognize the benefit of maturity and commonality in approach, offering opportunity and value for all parties involved.

Potential Collaboration Areas

The following is not an exhaustive list, and the community will need to discuss what other areas it would like to see covered:

  • Metrics (existing working group already started)
    • Open Source Project Maturity/Health Index
  • Legal References/Referrals (End goal - 'rate-able' like Angie's List)
  • Open Source Primers/Training
  • Common Reporting Templates

License Terms


Community Membership/Participants/Contributions

Membership in this community is open to any individual or organization that would like to contribute. While Red Hat is launching the community, we encourage others to join & help lead as well.

This community is in it's infancy, however, the following community member companies/individuals have either contributed content or have agreed in principle to do so.

  • Red Hat
    • Training modules (in process)
    • Maturity assessments (in process)
    • Metrics
  • Olliance Group (A Black Duck Company)
  • Linux Foundation
    • Training modules (in process)
  • OpenTech Strategies (Karl Fogel)
    • Best practices (in process)
  • OpenLogic (agreement to contribute - specifics in process)

Please email if you need an account on this wiki to add your team or contributions.

Getting Started

  • Join the mailing list
  • Join our IRC channel: #oss-cwg on
  • Introduce yourself in either of these forums & share what areas you'd like to work on from the list above (or propose your own)

Launch Efforts

The first phase of launching this community took place at the Community Leadership Summit, held on July 14th and 15th, 2012. Guy Martin, Open Source Consulting Lead at Red Hat, presented‎ a plenary session with Dave Neary, Community Action/Impact Leader, Red Hat Open Source and Standards, on Saturday to share our thoughts on why a community like this is valuable.

We saw a lot of hands go up when Dave asked how many folks were interested/had a need for the kinds of common components we are proposing in this community. Additionally, we ran a session on this topic on Sunday, and had some engaging discussions about why and how people would contribute. Shawn Briscoe from Black Duck took some excellent notes . The upshot of the conversation seemed to be that individual private consultants might not necessarily want to contribute content they saw as value-added vs. corporate-backed consultants who believe a lot of the components are commodity at this point. We respect the right of those private consultants to possibly not participate in this community if it doesn't fit their needs, but we are going to continue to push forward here in figuring out what can logically be shared.

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