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** Local mirror of those notes at [[Metrics working group session at the GSoC Mentor Summit 2011]].
** Local mirror of those notes at [[Metrics working group session at the GSoC Mentor Summit 2011]].
* Pictures (coming)
* Pictures (coming)
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The mission of the group is to create methods for tracking community health.

... and that means?

Many people and organizations have different goals, and therefore different reasons for tracking community health.

This working group is a common location for those people to share tools, methods, processes, techniques, reasons, code, and so forth. Anything that we have, that we can and want to share as free and open source and content.

You can just lurk. You can share whatever you want.

All of us may have silos of tools and information, where the data is openly accessible, but the interwoven connections and meanings are unique to your community.

This working group is where we pull out whatever we can from that silo and see if we can grow and improve it together.

Ultimately, this is a community of practice around community healthy metrics. We decide what is important to us.

Goals of the working group

To start

Initial actions:

What to work on NOW:

  • Get your own instance of what Meego has done up and running.
  • Start collecting data now, some of the data is not kept over time.
    • Especially for looking at lurkers.
  • Invite people to join the working group.

Long term

"A magic dashboard and back-end tools that show me in real time what the health of my community is. These views are hard data and trend-based, run through intelligence that I help craft for my unique community, and automatically alert me at tolerance levels I set. If someone is having problems somewhere in our community, it should appear here."

Working group communication

GSoC Mentor Summit session

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