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[[Category:Contributing to TOSW]]
[[Category:Contributing to TOSW]]
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Updated 2010-02-16

This is one, big task list.




Some sections are still just a title (an assertion) without a properly written principle and implementation.

If you see one that you have a clear idea for, add it.


Other sections have a weak or missing implementation detail. This is where we explain exactly how to apply a principle.

If you've ever worked with the principle, perhaps you have some suggestions on how it should be implemented?


The book is full of examples intentionally left blank. We want examples that are beyond our experiences in free and open source software.

What can you think of that are good examples of the principles of the open source way?


Topic-specific pages

MediaWiki works best when each node of information is a unique page. These can be transcluded to make single source pages for a group of information. In this book, each chapter has multiple sections and sub-sections. Each section and probably each next-level sub-section need to be converted to individual pages.

  1. Take a chapter.
  2. Create a new page for each == Section 2 == named the same as the section name.
    • The new page should not include the page title as a separate section header; remove that header and let the page stand as the "header 1" for that page.
  3. Make certain that each new page is in relevant categories:
  4. In the chapter page, use transclusion to pull in the sub-sections.
  5. Sections may be transcluded in to other sections, and then aggregated in to chapters, but the section markup needs to be manually organized. For example:
    1. Chapter 1 pulls in (transcludes) Section A
    2. Section A transcludes a number of subsections, such as Section Q
    3. Make sure that the == Sections == are properly set to give the desire nesting. You can tell when things are off by checking the table of contents on the page doing the top-level transclusion.

DocBook XML


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