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** Ensure license terms in place
** Ensure license terms in place
* Reference, draw from under CC BY SA
* Reference, draw from under CC BY SA
* Rename sections to something snappier and more memorable, where needed.
** Useful for the process of making each section a stand-alone page.
== Wiki ==
== Wiki ==

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This is one, big task list.




Topic-specific pages

MediaWiki works best when each node of information is a unique page. These can be transcluded to make single source pages for a group of information. In this book, each chapter has multiple sections and sub-sections. Each section and probably each next-level sub-section need to be converted to individual pages.

  1. Take a chapter.
  2. Create a new page for each == Section 2 == named the same as the section name.
    • The new page should not include the page title as a separate section header; remove that header and let the page stand as the "header 1" for that page.
  3. Make certain that each new page is in relevant categories:
  4. In the chapter page, use transclusion to pull in the sub-sections.
  5. Sections may be transcluded in to other sections, and then aggregated in to chapters, but the section markup needs to be manually organized. For example:
    1. Chapter 1 pulls in (transcludes) Section A
    2. Section A transcludes a number of subsections, such as Section Q
    3. Make sure that the == Sections == are properly set to give the desire nesting. You can tell when things are off by checking the table of contents on the page doing the top-level transclusion.

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