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Publican is available for Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows. More information can be found here:

The Publican User Guide is linked from that page.

To install Publican in Fedora, use the graphical installer at System > Administration > Add/Remove Software or on the command line use yum install publican publican-fedora. The second item is the package for building with the Fedora brand.

The code in the repository may be set to use a different brand package, so the instructions include calling out the Fedora brand using the included fedora.cfg.

  1. Check out the source as explained in Using git repository.
  2. Make sure Publican and a useful brand package are installed:
    rpm -qa | grep publican
    su -c 'yum install publican publican-fedora'
  3. Change in to the directory with the source and run the Publican command to build using a specific brand:
    cd src/tosw/
    publican build --formats html,pdf,epub --langs en-US --config fedora.cfg

If you have any problems building, ask on the mailing list.

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