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  1. The Open Source Way: Creating and nurturing communities of contributors -- Main wiki page
  2. Introduction -- What this book is, what it is not, essential terminology (definitions and pointers)
  3. Communities of practice -- The science behind the open source way
    1. What is a Community of Practice?
    2. Elements of the Community of Practice
    3. Principles for Cultivating Communities of Practice
    4. How to loosely organize a community -- Structure of a sustainable community
    5. What your organization does
      1. Right when practicing the open source way -- Distilled "Right Way"
      2. Wrong when practicing the open source way -- Distilled "Wrong Way"
    6. Business the open source way -- Applying the open source way to business
    7. Who else to watch -- People in the wider world who write, talk, and lead community-oriented discussions and actions
  4. Data and references -- Data and references that support the book
    1. Books you should read -- Online and offline resources
    2. Stuff everyone knows and forgets anyway -- Common knowledge, common mistakes, common recoveries
    3. Great stories to tell -- Stories that illustrate the open source way
    4. How to tell if a FLOSS project is doomed to FAIL - A system for evaluating the potential of an open source project
  5. Appendix -- What fits not elsewhere but only here
  6. Community Architecture dashboard -- Overview of this effort with pointers
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