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*[[User:NeoPhyte_Rep/Other_URLs|Other URLs]]
*[[User:NeoPhyte_Rep/Other_URLs|Other URLs]]
*[[User:NeoPhyte_Rep/Notes|Random Notes]]
*[[User:NeoPhyte_Rep/Notes|Random Notes]]
*[ The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on our Capacity for Processing Information]
==Personal Sandboxes==
==Personal Sandboxes==

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Neophyte Representative


  • I am a retired thirty year data processing professional helping to enlarge the community of FLOSS users and, especially, developers by lowering the barriers to entry.
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  • Asking all the dumb questions, so no one else need be embarrassed.
  • Balance
  • It's hard to live a simple, ordered life, when the basis of the multiverse is random probability.

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