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You cannot create your own account, you must ask any other account holder to do it for you.
We are protecting this wiki from spambots and bad actors through self-management. This includes the creation of new accounts.

If you need an account, contact one of the existing account holders, who are fellow participants and contributors.

All users must agree to the Contribution policy
If you give someone a user account, make sure they understand and agree to the Contribution policy. Agreement is a human process, we are counting on you to make sure new contributors understand the policy.

These instructions are for a person who already has an account and wants to grant an account to a new participant. Use these powers wisely:

  1. Log in with your user account.
  2. Got to the login page Special:UserLogin
  3. Use the link labeled Create an account, or click this link here
  4. Fill out the account information:
    • Username
    • Password - leave blank
      • A randomly generated password is sent to the user's email address
    • E-mail
    • Real name
  5. Uncheck "Remember my login on this computer".
  6. Click "by e-mail" to send the new account information directly to the user.

If your browser offers to save the password for this new user, choose no or "Not now".

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